Stefanie Paige Wieder   |   29th June 2020

Many tasks that previously required human intervention have been made easier, thanks to smart features and home automation. In the current times, great progress has been made in making homes a bit more “tech-savvy” to keep up with the fast-paced lives most of us lead.

There is a positive shift in consumer preferences towards homes that have security, convenience, and optimized energy consumption.

Home automation devices are designed to simplify and enhance the daily lives of consumers. However, most of these devices have evolved with the changing demands of consumers, such as security, entertainment, connectivity, sustainability, and safety.

Some of the key factors influencing the customers to shift to smart technologies are increased preference to cost efficiency, save energy combined with the desire to live a comfortable, safe and stress-free life. While these smart home devices are bit of an investment, they may cut down on other costs such as energy and help reduce manpower. This one-time investment can result in creating long-term value.

We at Brigade Plus provide our customers with a unique offer to furnish their homes before moving in. The Brigade Plus Home Packages is a one-stop solution for homebuyers who wish to ease the process of moving to a new home.

Your Brigade Plus home comes equipped with a home automation system with internet-connected appliances that allow customers to monitor and manage appliances such as lighting, interior climate, and entertainment units.

Home automation has become one of the most popular features for homebuyers. In the current times, consumers are experimenting with home automation by starting with something as simple as light bulbs. At Brigade Plus, we can seamlessly bring the smart home experience to life. Smart home devices work on the principle of convenience, simple commands such as requesting to set timers, quick reminders, add items to a to-do list, and much more is gaining momentum among customers.

With the help of home automation, residents will be able to control various electrical home devices and attain so much more, by just using their voice.

Say hello to a hassle-free life with smart homes brought to you by Brigade Plus!

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