Stefanie Paige Wieder   |   29th June 2020

Having suitable storage is key to turning your bedroom into a clutter-free space, and a carefully chosen wardrobe is that item of furniture which is likely to provide scope for more organized living.

The wardrobe is an essential furniture piece in a bedroom. Careful planning when it comes to wardrobe is necessary to enhance space. Well designed and neatly curated storage spaces are crucial to lead an organized life.

While there are wardrobes of various kinds, when picking one for your home, it helps to narrow down preferences and choose ones that match your lifestyle and personal needs. We at Brigade Plus are here to help you do just that!

Here is a step by step guide to selecting your ideal wardrobe:

Identify your requirements

Before you opt for any wardrobe style and size, you need to contemplate on the purpose of your wardrobe. Wardrobes come in various sizes, with drawers, racks, hanging space and cabinets. So, deciding on your wardrobe design based on your needs will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Figure out your wardrobe preferences

Sliding wardrobes - This wardrobe type is an ideal option for rooms where you want to create the maximum space. Sliding wardrobes can be the perfect solution as it does not occupy unnecessary space.

Hinged wardrobes - Hinged door wardrobes are cost-effective, functional, durable, and affordable. However, we recommend hinged wardrobes only if there is enough space as the doors need sufficient space to open out in front.

Mirror wardrobes - Consider mirrored doors for your wardrobe if you want the room to look spacious and open. Mirror wardrobes help reflect natural light, create an illusion of space, and brighten up the room, also making them ideal for smaller rooms.

Measure your space

When measuring for wardrobes, measure the height and width of the area as well as the maximum depth. Maintain enough space between the rest of your bedroom furniture and the wardrobe for smooth movement and easy functionality.

Select your style!

The design of the wardrobe contributes significantly to the overall theme and aesthetics of the bedroom. Go for decorative doors or a simple, minimalistic design based on the existing palette of your room.

Wardrobes are not just a mere piece of furniture tucked away in the corner of your bedroom; they have evolved from sliding doors and mirrored almirahs to built-in cupboards and walk-in wardrobes and are now one of the most carefully picked furniture!

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